Service station and cafe development approved on Great Western Highway at Lithgow

LITHGOW Council has approved the proposed development of a 24-hour service station and a cafe in a heritage-listed church on the Great Western Highway near its intersection with Main Street .

Ben Isaac representing the developers Isaac Property spoke in the public forum at the recent council meeting leading up to the unanimous decision by the councillors present at the meeting.

“We believe we bring something really positive to this town.

“Not only in way the of economics but with the building and construction. We use local builders who also use local subcontractors and trades,” Mr Isaac said.

For those who love a quick bite of McDonalds, Mr Isaac mentioned the easier access to the fast food chain for people travelling on the highway that is part of the development application.

Another important feature of the Isaac Property plans are the rejuvenation of the heritage-listed Cooerwull Presbyterian Church as a cafe with outdoor seating.

“What we are proposing by having a cafe food use is not only the money we will spend improving the building, it is in a pretty run down state at the moment, but to also invite the public in so they can start using and enjoying that space.”

The site, that adjoins Lithgow McDonalds, previously retained two vehicle repairers, BRD Automotive and Redding’s Motor Repairs, and Lean & Bennett’s used car yard with the church.

Demolition of all existing buildings, hardstand and structures with the exception of the heritage church will be undertaken.

Ben Young from KDC Pty Ltd, a planning and development consultancy, who worked on the proposal praised the timely and efficient process of the DA highlighting Lithgow Council’s Environment and Development Group Manager Andrew Muir and his staff.

“For the council staff to deal with it in the way they have and to be proactive and transparent I think should be recognised by Mr Muir and his team.

“It certainly gives developers such as the Isaacs a good reason to want to do business in a town like Lithgow.”